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About Root to Tips Tree Lopping


Root to Tips Tree Lopping is a family owned and operated business providing tree services throughout the New England region. We pride ourselves on personalised customer care and honest, reliable workmanship for an affordable price. Our certified arborists remove trees to protect power lines, improve views and make room for construction, recreation and renovations.

Our three specialised crews of arborists are trained to handle every aspect of tree care, from large-scale felling to pruning and stump grinding. Let us work together to remove your trees fast.
Don't worry about losing your favourite trees! Experienced arborists consult with you and carefully identify the correct trees for removal and preservation. We clear your land without affecting the natural beauty of your landscape.

Do you have large branches hanging over your roof, pergola or balcony? Our arborists lop limbs safely, removing hazards without harming your trees. We also offer full maintenance, including trimming, shaping and pruning. All debris is recycled into eco-friendly woodchips and mulch for use in landscaping projects!

Quality customer care

Each job is completed safely and efficiently, with all debris removed after. Your site will be left clean as a whistle!
Root to Tips Tree Lopping comes to the rescue when storms hit.

If trees or branches damage your roof, break a window or block the drive, our team can clear them quickly, no matter what time of the day or night.


Do you have a question about tree removal, land clearing or landscape maintenance? Read the frequently asked questions below or call Root to Tips Tree Lopping today.
Q. How deep should you grind tree stumps?
A. The depth depends on your budget, and your plans for the area in which the stump is located. We recommend grinding stumps to 16” below ground when planting a new tree or laying lawn turf. You can also save money by grinding to 4”, however, this is only suitable for stumps on lawn perimeters and fence lines. Grass won't grow over these shallow spots, and the rotting timber may attract white ants.

If you plan on building a deck, pouring concrete or laying pavers, we suggest complete root ball removal to guarantee no future regrowth.
Q. Can you remove a large tree right next to my house?
A. Yes, Root to Tips specialises in removal of large trees. We use ropes and pulleys to bring timber down safely, even in close proximity to buildings, fences, porches and balconies. Rest assured, we won't leave a scratch on your home!
Q. Why must I obtain an arborist report before cutting down my trees?
A. Native trees are protected throughout Australia, and local councils require arborist reports before land can be cleared or developed. You may also need a report if you are requesting removal of hazardous trees, such as Cocos palms, Angel's trumpets and Moreton Bay chestnuts. Some pruning and tree transplantation may also require approval.

Contact Root to Tips Tree Lopping if you need an arborist report to satisfy government requirements.
Q. Can you clear trees from hillsides?
A. Yes, our team can remove trees from steep, sloping blocks and hilly terrains. We use elevated work platforms (EWP) and experienced climbing crews to access even the most difficult areas easily, safely cutting down trees and grinding stumps for a total tree removal.
Q. Birds are nesting in my tree. Can I still have it cut down?
A. If birds, possums or other native wildlife are living in your tree, it is an offence to remove it or lop branches without government approval. Regulations vary, so we recommend seeking advice from your local council.
Q. What areas do you service?
A. Our service areas are listed below. If you don't see your area listed, you can call us to discuss the options.
  • New England
  • Northern Tablelands
  • Inverell
  • Tenterfield
  • Glen Innes
  • Moree


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