Root To Tips Tree Lopping

Land clearing and tree pruning in New England


Root to Tips offers tree felling, land clearing and garden maintenance to keep your property looking great. Backyards, schools, parks, commercial spaces—our certified arborists provide safe, efficient tree removals for clients all over the Northern Tablelands.

Before removing any trees, we conduct a full site inspection and safety assessment, based on council regulations. Should you require an arborist report, one can be issued upon request. Plan your budget in advance. We tell you the costs up front, providing comprehensive fixed quotes for every removal, clearing or maintenance job, including clean-ups.

Enjoy the natural beauty of healthy plants that add value and appeal to your property. Our expert tradespeople will trim and prune your trees, shrubs and hedges, ensuring your landscaping is in tip-top condition year-round. Has your home or business been damaged by storms? No problem! Our emergency tree service operates 24/7.

For advice on all your tree needs, call us today for a no-obligation quote.


Tree Removal

If you need a tree removed from your property, contact Root to Tips Tree Lopping. We fell trees in New England and throughout the Northern Tablelands region. Tree removal makes room for renovations, swimming pools and outdoor entertaining areas, while also improving your views and minimising storm damage risks.

Our ground crew processes all felled timber using wood chippers and stump grinders. We feed mulch directly into our trucks for removal so no debris is left behind! And those unsightly tree stumps? Our team grinds them 16” below ground and backfills the holes. We can even remove root balls, reducing the chance of regrowth damage to your patio or paved areas.

Call us today for a quote on complete tree removal.

Land Clearing

Are you developing a site for commercial construction? Let the Roots to Tips team clear your land of all trees to ensure a seamless build!

Clearing land does more than rid your site of obstructions—it improves soil quality by removing scrubby grasses, weeds and trees that may be affected by arboreal diseases. Remaining trees also benefit from better access to nutrients, sunlight and water, with bare land discouraging pests and rodents from nesting on your property.

Let our team consult with you to selectively clear your land, preserving trees that complement your property.

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Tree Maintenance

Do you want a manicured garden, but don't have the time to make it happen? Root to Tips Tree Lopping offers complete backyard maintenance for homes and businesses in the New England region. Enjoy spectacular landscaping and let our team take the stress out of your tree care.

Our arborists trim and prune your plants for a healthy garden that looks stunning. Regular trimming also reduces the risk of branches falling on footpaths, play areas and public walkways.

Our tradespeople are skilled in woody plant care and have the expertise to remove limbs and branches safely. We use saws, pruners, shears and secateurs to trim, lop and prune plants of all shapes and sizes, from ornamental shrubs to 20-metre gum trees. Call us today for a quote on tree maintenance.

Emergency Response

Call the team at Root to Tips Tree Lopping when wild weather brings down trees and branches on your roof, fencing, awnings or shopfront. Call us for emergency tree services 24/7

Our specialised crews arrive any hour of the day or night to remove damaged trees and clear storm debris quickly and efficiently. All timber will be ground into mulch and woodchips for use in gardens, parks and nurseries.